About US

During our planning to structure a group, we felt it important that each company partake in and also to fund some kind of Social Interest, a way of giving back to Communities. We believed it important that we become involved in Communities where we make our business, and also that this giving back not be a Company Responsibility, but that our employees become involved in a personal way. We needed a central point to be established where all members of our Group could get connected. We wanted to avoid each business doing little bits while money was available then failing when things get tough and we wanted rather to take on meaningful projects that would grow and be sustainable. This was the birth of our Social Responsibility Sector of the Group.

We started a Company called Zayith Aleh. This is a Hebrew phrase referring to the olive branch that the dove carried back to Noah’s Ark to signify the waters receding from the Great Flood. This branch showed Noah that their time in the ark was nearly over and that there were things growing where there had been only water. We figure this was to be a new beginning for Noah and his family, an opportunity to start afresh.

There is opportunity for growth both for the helper, and for the one being helped, for the giver and for the receiver. We believe that for every person we connect with, there is the opportunity for a new beginning for them, and for ourselves. Zayith Aleh has been developed as our tool to provide these opportunities. Zayith Aleh is focusing on internal and external opportunities where Internal Programs focus on the well-being of our own employees while External Programs focus on how our Companies through our Employees can give back in some way in the Communities in which we run our businesses. We are aware that we are not alone in wanting to help people and that Africa is full of Mission Minded folk, so we felt that as a Group can also help the helpers by making our products available to these people where they can come in from their fields and recharge their batteries.